dear mum and dad

Dear Mum & Dad...

I am writing to tell you something
I have wanted to tell you for a while
I'm... you know.
You probably already knew
From the lack of girlfriends
and dates altogether.
It was probably obvious to you that
I'm... you know.

I am writing to tell you that
It's not about how you raised me
You didn't make me... you know.
You did a great job bringing me up
You gave me self respect
and a respect for others
That pride really helped me
To deal with... you know.

I am writing to tell you
That I kind of knew since I was young
But I didn't know to call it... you know.
I tried to rebel against it
I went to church a lot
and looked for a cure
But there's not a cure
There's nothing wrong with being... you know.

I am writing to tell you
That I tried to say it at home
But the opportunity never really came
And it's hard to say aloud... you know.
I know it will take you time to accept this
But believe me, it's taken me a long time too
I want to talk to you about it
But I'll wait for you to call and say, it's OK that I'm... you know.

Love, J.