fly away
We’ve all looked into somebody’s eyes
And fallen completely in love with him
Heard his cries
And done all that we can for him
But if we really knew what’s best
We’d let him go
There are times when we’ve all despised
Another guy for looking too closely at him
Stayed up until sunrise
To watch over and protect him
But if we really wanted him to grow
We’d let him go
Bedazzled by what youth implies
We’ve been a comfort and a guide to him
Hoping he won’t have a nasty surprise
Never the lows, only the highs – for him
But if we really wanted him to live
We’d let him go
We’ve thought the foolish man wise
When he lied that we should be with him
Had late night discussions and theorized
Why it’s right to be with him
But if you really wanted him to return
First you'd let him go


I saw when I reached into the skies
That at the end of the rainbow was a pot of lies